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Flat tire

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According to the owners manual you can not use fix-a-flat or like products as it will ruin the tire pressure sensor. I have always kept fix-a-flat in all my cars as a flat tire in the wrong place can be very dangerous both in where it happens and trying to fix it in traffic or bad weather. My wife and daughter have it as a safety product. I will keep a can just in case but probably not use it unless necessary. Question is, is there any "like" product that is safe to use with pressure sensors? Thanks.
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Yup, I really don't need a pressure sensor, I have been driving for decades without one. But it's there. I have also used fix-a-flat a number of times over those years and not once did a tire dealer tell me they could not fix the tire or balance it because of it. So I don't know how much of that is hype or just a way some places sell tires. Actually, the plug and pump is not a bad idea. I have plugged tires at home before. Any way, I will keep it in the car for emergencies and see how much it costs if I ever have to use it. Thanks all.
Oh there are lots of reasons. I don't want my daughter or wife stranded somewhere. Driving on a flat can be very dangerous. I'm in the service and have driven east coast to west coast a number of times. There are stretches of highway that are empty for a long time. Years ago I had a flat before I started carrying fix-a-flat and changed a tire on a deserted road. Just as I was putting the flat tire in the back a truck with a bunch of drunks decided to drive by and throw a log at me. If it had hit, it would have killed me. I would not have been there if I had only taken two minutes to use fix-a-flat. What if that had been my wife or daughter? Not sure driving slowly on a flat tire would have helped and driving fast would have been dangerous. There are many reasons to want to get a tire fixed quickly which is the reason I carry it and why I have a can in each car my family uses. I still will use it if required, I just wondered if there was a product that would not screw up the pressure sensor. Appreciate everyones thoughts though, I realize it is a personal decision.
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