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In searching this forum, I've found myself somewhat confused. I will be replacing the clutch in my 2006 Outback with the 2.5i non-turbo (manual trans) with the Exedy Clutch Kit (KSB04). Threads on the forum suggest I replace the flywheel also, but there is talk about dual mass vs. single mass flywheel setups. I'm not sure what I have.

Plugging my VIN into subarupartsdeal (,011_01,12310) tells me I need 12310AA36A. My research leads me to believe that this is a Single Mass Flywheel and that the Turbo model uses the Dual Mass, which I don't have. Can I confirm that I have/need a Single Mass Flywheel? Are there recommendations for part manufacturers to accompany the Exedy clutch? I do not see that they have a flywheel for my vehicle.

Thanks again,
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