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FOr those thinking they can update their Nav Maps...

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2013 3.6 was just trying out the update system software- naviextras to determine if there might be a way to add redlight cameras etc and found naviextras will not recognize the SD card from the fujitusi radio. I emailed naviextra's tech support and here is their response

"First of all, thank you for your interest in our products!

We would like to inform you that your device/model is not supported at

These PNA devices are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) devices. Due to industry practices, the support for OEM devices is provided by the manufacturer of the product. As you bought an OEM device, please get in touch with the distributor regarding the maps/updates/support.

If the manufacturer of your device is on the compatibility list but your device model is missing, please visit back regularly and contact your manufacturer too. To add a new model to the list we need to test the compatibility and we need to have the permission of the manufacturer.

Please visit back later as the list of supported devices is constantly expanded.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,"

I have found many persons with issues with naviextras who utilize windows 7 64bit so I responded to them that it appeared to be an issue with their software...

"This is issue is not because of your operating system. Toolbox doesn't recognize it, and won't recognize it, because your device is not supported by our company. I've checked everywhere if it is, or is there a project for it, but unfortunately at the moment you device is not supported. We would apologize for any caused inconvenience."

I hope this saves all you the time and effort in even attempting to try to get the card recognized or add maps etc.

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The upgrade process is horrendous. I have a 2013 Outback that I purchased April 2013. According to the info the maps were dated October 2012. My salesperson agreed to pay for my upgrade (prior to my purchase of the car). Today I just paid the 149 bucks plus tax for the upgrade and the system did not take my credit card. It keep saying wrong address on file, wrong card number, wrong security ID. I finally got it to take and it finally processed. Out of curiosity, I called my credit card company and they said there were 11 posts. I'll have to call Navteq to cancel 10 of those charges....

Next, the process is to get the Subaru Toolkit that can only be installed on a Windows computer and not a Macintosh. I used a Windows 7 machine that is 64 bits. I couldn't imagine that the toolkit would only work on 32 bit machines as those are very old all new computers are 64 bits. The toolkit will have you backup the card and then do the download and upgrade.

First of all my Windows 7 machine said there was an error on the card and had a jumbled looking SD card name for the card. After two hours of downloading (on a fast internet connection) it finished. When I put the card back into the car, the Nav system did not recognize the card.

I next put the card back on the computer and one of the prompts I got from Windows 7 was to "repair" the card. This took another 15 minutes and then I put the card back into the car and the car did not ever let me hit the "I accept" after letting it try to load for about five minutes.

What a headache for something that should be simple.

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The volume name of the SD card does look like gibberish in Windows Explorer. I was also getting prompted by Windows to repair it. Navteq customer support said to allow Windows to do the repair, so I tried it. It didn't do any good, but it didn't hurt anything in my case. Later, once the updated version of the Toolbox finally came out, I successfully did the update on a Windows 7 64-bit PC and without issue.

Have you tried restoring your backup?
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