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A couple days ago a buddy and I test drove an XT. It had a 4EAT but I was still impressed. The ride was very nice also. So for all you non-turbo owners out there, what is the major diff. besides the engine? Are the seats/ride close to the XT? My buddy loved the XT but his wife may not want all the HP. Is there that much diff. to the rest of the vehicle? 10-Q. Brian

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The forester is comfortable across the range
The base model the X (mine) has more than i want as far as safety and comfort,nice flat torque,i would like some more down lo but thats a personal thing

Lovely cars with mostly all the same bits and pieces except for the obvious ones

I am 6ft and 180 and the car does me just fine
I also suffer from bad neck and back and in the Forester i can drive all day and pull up fine.

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