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2020 Outback Limited XT
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For my 2012 Limited anyway.
I knew what I wanted and after getting into the 13th page of GPS mounts on Ebay I found it.

Arkon GN078 Removable No Glue Sticky Car Dash Mount for Garmin Nuvi GPS | eBay

I had to clean the pebbled recessed dash area with a little alcohol to get it to stick more than a day. It has now been on for a week without coming loose. The 3" suction cup has a sticky surface like those no slip pads for keeping one's cell phone from sliding around. I figure if it stops sticking on the dash, I'll get an 80 mm steel disk and use that for a mounting surface.

The mount just sticks past the dash and my 3590 GPS sits just above the cd slot. I could adjust it higher if needed. This is my 4th mount and I'm glad I finally found it. And no I am not affiliated with the maker or Ebay in any way shape of form.
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