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Found linked here (via MotorAuthority). If you dislike mimes, you'll have some ignoring to do. But they go well above and beyond the usual public marketing videos... at least one company interviewee per video, plus great plant and testing footage. Disclaimer - each one is around 10 minutes long. Links below lead to YouTube.

Discusses the history/development of 1st-3rd generation boxers, with a number of good shots of the past and modern plant.

Just a hint of the usual "symmetrical and balanced" mefeature=player_embedded&dia coverage; also shows an AWD vs 2WD Legacy on a test track, and VDC on vs off.

The expected talk about COG and symmetry; the crocodile also makes a reappearance :D.

Spends a lot of time in footage of crash-tests, from current models all the way back to the 360 and the 1000. Very neat archival footage.
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