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We went from 0-3 in one year! I bought a 2004 Outback H6 LL Bean, shortly after that my father bought a '98 Outback Limited, and my sister just bought a '98 Legacy GT Wagon today.

Having driven the one my sister bought a few times now (a couple test drives and today after she bought it), I agree that it handles a heck of a lot better than my Outback does...but it's very low to the ground in comparison, and I wouldn't dare take it some of the places I take my Outback. I think I prefer sitting up a little higher (it IS noticeable, I have to step up out of her car, not so with mine) and being able to go up some rocky CCC "roads" a little more than having the handling. To each their own, though.
Having gone the other way GT to OB and the GT saw way more off road so far than the current OB not to mention huge snow storm epic ski trips I'm pretty convinced that the GT and OB are the same in that regard given the OB is just as sensitive to riding over something you probably shouldn't have ;-) however what 99.9% of the time your on the pavement anyway so GT is way more fun for sure.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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