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Hi folks,
Our 06 OBXT has had a front end "creak" for about a year or so, when the wheel is turned almost full lock and going over bumps. Have had it to the dealer twice and they "haven't found anything." Uh huh like I believe that.
Had a front wheel off this weekend (brake fluid change) and I think I found what's up - front LCA bushings.

Pass side:

Drivers side:

I can do these myself (been searching the forums here and on but since we have the ext warranty for 2 more months / 4k miles I thought I'd try again with the dealer. Of course the service guy seems to think that bushings are a wear item and not covered. But he'll check and make sure - and if not then I'll say thanks but no thanks and do the work myself.

I thought I read that people have had this covered under the standard warranty - true/false? Anyone have this done under the extended warranty?

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