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2011 Outback Ltd 2.5
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I have a 2011 Outback with 19,000 miles. During the month of October I drove it on a 5,400 mile road trip through the Southwest states, including some dirt and gravel roads in Utah. I noticed on some of the bumpy and wash-boarded roads when the front suspension was unloaded, there is a noise sounding like something is loose near the strut.

The noise only occurs when the front is going over a bump just before the strut takes the weight when the wheel has past the bump. For example driving off the shoulder which is a few inches lower than the road can cause this noise. The car handles fine under all other conditions, paved and gravel roads.

I spoke to an independent Subaru repair dealer in WA state and he heard about this complaint and said it could be the upper support plate for the strut could be loose. I am guessing when the weight is off the strut (momentarily when the wheel drops over a bump) the plate must be moving. I asked a Subaru dealer if there were any bulletins regarding this issue and he said there were none.

Anyone else experience this noise?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts