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Front windows tick when open

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When my front windows are open, whether it's just a crack or completely down, I hear a ticking noise in the door. There is no pattern to the sound and it happens randomly. It does it whether I'm stopped at a light or driving.

Is anyone else hearing this?

Full disclosure, the two front windows have been tinted (by a reputable shop), and this being the first car I've had windows tinted in I don't if maybe this is a side effect of the added weight (even though it's minimal) of the tint? From what I know of how tint is installed they just cut the sheet, wet it, slide it into place and then squeegee the water out until the film adheres- so it's not like they had to open my doors or anything.
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Maybe the motor is sticking on and there's a safety clutch slipping.

Lower the window and pull the window fuse, or lower the window without using the auto-down feature.
I think if it was the motor the sound would be louder and much more consistent, this the frequency of the tick sound increases and decreases randomly.
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