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2003 OB 2.5L AT
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Selling 1996 Outback with the 2.2L - 5 speed. 210K miles.

Original owner and the only one driving this car. Kept this long because the car being a 2.2L gets about 25MPG combined with sensible driving given the age and mileage. The hill holder was also a nice feature that I was hoping could help teach other drivers at home how to drive stick shift but just not happening.

Had an engine front rebuild at 193K miles. TB, WP, idlers, adjuster, etc.
Since this was my daily driver, kept up with the regular maintenance and documented the work on a spiral notebook kept in the car. The car idles solidly, drives good but need to sell. When replacing the valve cover gasket, there was no sludge of any kind as if it just came out of a parts power wash. Car had 3000-3500 mile oil changes. This was another incentive to keep the car but I gave in to an automatic so all can drive.

The original clutch will need to be replaced soon. You can feel the engine RPM rev up when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear but once you pass that point, the car drives normally. I considered replacing the clutch but being the only one who can drive it at home, it does not make sense anymore.

Car have the typical rusting by the rear wheel well.

Asking for $1000. Will include all parts I have for this car, like new rim, still in a box. Car is listed on craigslist in Northern NJ area.




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Not open for further replies.