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FS: 1999 impreza outback sport part out (truckee, ca)

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selling this stuff cheap. feel free to post up or send me a pm with what you need and what you will pay. im in truckee, ca.

front and rear seats(SOLD), dash(SOLD), full exhaust(HEADER TO CAT SOLD), drive line, seat belts, interior trim pieces, head lights (glass)(SOLD), intake box and pluming

radiator, steering column, hood(SOLD), fenders(SOLD), alternator, grill(SOLD)

Rear hatch and passenger front door (other doors are SOLD)

motor with auto transmission. motor has a knock. full wiring harness 178,000 miles

complete ac system(SOLD), power steering pump and brake booster, 72,000 miles on these parts
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Front left door

Make an offer and I'll let you know if its worth it. I don't want to tare the heads down, pack them up and then get a shipping quote just to have someone back out. Sorry and thanks.

did u sell it yet and if not what price are you looking for?
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