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FS 2000 Legacy Outback, Greenville, NC

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So here's the deal. The car is in Greenville, NC and is in need of more work to get it running. I had the timing belt, water pump, and head gasket all replaced in February. Then, the timing belt came off and the tensioner rod busted up some of the internal gaskets- maybe pistons, the mechanics don't know for sure and I'm not willing to pay $1500 to figure it out. Internally the car is pretty great for a 2000. The car is white with tan leather seats. I just put brand new tires on it in May. I'm willing to give it away for practically nothing- it just needs a good home with someone that has more repair knowledge than I. It would have to be towed out of where it's located. I have asked the shop to send me some pictures. Oh! It's a manual transmission, dual moon roofs, power driver seat, heated front seats, power windows. The picture I've attached is not the actual vehicle but it gives you an idea.


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updated thread title,

weird that the timing belt came off if you replace the water pump, (as the water pump is usually in a timing belt kit, that comes with the tensioner / idlers/ pulleys ).

please detail any rust. (NC cars should have very little if any, although plenty of cars owned for a long time in the north have found their way there).

miles on the car?

@AWDFTW would you be interested in cars like this,...that you could maybe part your own H4 power plant into?
(eastern NC, is not rusty Maine).
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