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03 Baja, 01 LL.Bean, 2002 WRX Wagon
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Selling my 2001 Outback. Original owner appartently had one side replaced about 40k ago. I suspect the other side may have failed. It hasn't completly overheated yet but its running hotter than normal w/A/C on and overflowing the coolant resivrior.It also appears to have some oil in coolant. I stoped drivng it a month ago when problem began. Car will come with $200 in Subaru Bucks coupons good for either Subaru parts or service good at any Subaru Dealership. Also comes with 2 new rear shocks and upper mounts. It needs rear shocks bad-their gone.

Not really interested in fixing it at the moment.

About the car:

Asking $2500

I am the 2nd owner
196K miles
2.5 L H-4 engine
Automatic Transmission
o Heated Front Seats
o Mirror Defrosters
o Front Windshield Wiper Warmers
o Engine Block Heater
Well maintained-lots of service history
Recently replaced parts include:
General A/S Tires 10K on them
Four Wheel Alignment
Front & Rear Brake Pads
O2 Sensor
Front Catalytic Converter
Front CV Boots
Steering Rack Boots and Inner tie rod
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wires
RF Wheel Bearing
RF Tie Rod end & Lower Ball Joint
Auto –Trans Flush and Filter Change-By Dealer

Body does have some mild dings and a dent in the RR quarter panel

I will post pics soon

Call me at 636-357-2839 for questions or further info
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