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2002 outback wagon VDC
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FS 2002 outback wagon H6 VDC $1000 near Binghamton NY

I am selling the whole vehicle for parts only -as is - where is.
ran good and on the road until 1 year ago (august 2016)
reason it was parked, my elderly Mother could not get in and out
to take her to her doctors appointments and shopping, so I had to get a diff vehicle.

engine good
transmission good

Thru the years, I was an avid reader of the forum so
the 4 most common problems have been addressed
-idler pulley replaced (and have spare)
-tensioner pulley replaced (and have spare)
- power steering washer thingy replaced (have old one)
- o-ring for gas tank (new because I read about it but never had that problem)

it has rust over the rear wheel wells an other body parts have scratches, nicks
and bruises
comes with extra rims (tires not good on extra rims)
got ~20 around town and ~28 on highway (with premium gas)

the Hi-Tech ;-) 2x4 roof rack disassembles in 5 minutes,
if you want it, it will come with the car otherwise I will remove it.
thru the years I heard many comments about the roof rack,
but if u think u r creative and funny, go ahead, surprise me,
(but I probably heard it already).

Please contact me thru the forum
thank you.


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miles on the car?
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