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Hey folks, this is my first post but I've appreciated the many times that the genius of the crowd (cloud?) has helped me with an issue or two. That said, I have one of our family cars for sale and will provide details below. Let me know if anything needs to be further explained or discussed, thanks! Link to eBay listing is available as is a YouTube video of start/run to show status of warning lights; this being my first post and all, I can't direct link here.

2004 Subaru Outback Limited for sale. $2,045. 268,100 miles. 13 years as the owner. Non-smoker. Great overall condition and new parts included, but I know it needs some attention, see below.
Daily driven until July of this year when I got a new one. No engine lights/codes, no tailpipe smoke or smells, will pass emissions (always has) and is probably cleaner than your car. I'm insane about squeaks, rattles and things working like they're supposed to and it shows. Never wrecked or hit by a vehicle, but I replaced the radiator after I couldn't avoid a small deer on the road one night.

Problems: Oil leak on the side of the engine, repairable and a common Subaru issue. Sometimes you can smell it and see a bit of smoke if it drips on the heat shield. Timing belt due soon, it's very easy and pretty cheap to do as most of you know. Some dents from hail and 16 years of luck, most go unnoticed.

Good stuff: A/C is cold and holds a charge. Overall, pretty much everything works and has been maintained or upgraded. I kept it in new parts since it was my daily car for a long time. Tires are less than 18 months old and are all terrain Maxxis Bravos. Just changed the oil/filter and air filter. All power windows/mirrors work, keyless alarm/door locks (two keys/fobs) except for the driver side rear door (locks/unlocks manually only). Too many good things to list, but ask me anything. No funny smells, no food spills, no dog hair. Seriously clean inside and out. Original roof rails (not shown in pic but they're on the car now) and ALL tools including jack and owners manual. The rear hatch has the original cargo cover and net and the gas struts are new so the hatch open/closes properly.

The upgrades: Pioneer head unit with Bluetooth/speakerphone for handsfree compliance, Kenwood 3 way speakers front and rear. Cobra front/rear HD dashcam (you can have the memory card too) professionally installed and hard wired, always on with ignition. Most lights are LED, headlights and fogs are HID and can easily be refitted with OEM bulbs. Very low dust carbon ceramic brake pads, better than OEM rotors front and rear (Akebono/ATE Powerstop, not Walmart junk), less than a year ago. Subaru all-weather mats front and rear, Takata airbag and all service bulletins/recalls done by Kelly Subaru in Chattanooga.

The bonuses: All-new KYB GR2 suspension components (complete from mounts, bump stops to covers) included and ready to install, better than OEM shocks, not Amazon crap. About $500 retail for the set. Booster cables and sunshade in the car, UV tint on the windows still in pretty good shape. Recently washed and parked under cover.

Local buyer or local pickup only, no trades or funny business, I don't have the time. Thanks very much!






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