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FS: 2005 Outback XT base - Western MA

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(TRADED)FS: 2005 Outback XT base - Western MA

Sorry, not for sale anymore, I have decided to trade this in for a new Subaru...

Somewhat of a rare model in that eventually, Subaru stopped selling the base model. This AFAIK means that it comes with Cloth seats and no moonroof,

Model: 2005 Outback 2.5XT
Color: Atlantic Blue Pearl (two tone, molding and under is grey)
Interior: Off Black cloth seats (with heated seats, i.e. All-weather package)
Transmission: 5EAT automatic transmission (w/ steering wheel shift buttons (not paddleshifters))
Class II Hidden Hitch trailer (with available ball hitch)
All weather floor mats and cargo mat.
I also have the original "regular" mats which are basically in brand new condition
Compass rearview mirror
Mileage: just under 123K miles
Turbo is original and fine.
I have Thule crossbars but they are going to be removed before sale. I have the original OEM crossbars that have never been used.

Timing belt was replaced at around 105k
Right rear wheel bearing was replaced about 1000 miles ago.
I had a hole in the centerpipe of the exhaust a long time ago, I think around 70k miles that I had a local exhaust shop weld a pipe over it and it's been fine ever since.

I glanced a deer when I was in NJ (deer lived) so there is a slight dent (not even a crease) in the right rear passenger door where the deer managed to hit and the passenger side front light assembly is chipped in the corner. Light works 100% fine. As I said, the deer got up and walked away as I managed to swerve but not completely miss it.

I'd take pictures of it now but it's dark so I'll try tomorrow if I can get home from work in time.

Clean title, one owner (me).

There are some mechanical recommendations that I am told by my garage that it needs :

1)front CV joint boot is ripped, should be replaced.
2)Probably could use new shocks/struts (my opinion)
3)Battery is original but tested fine about a year ago, I expect that probably should be replaced sooner or later.
4)Slight tranny fluid leak on the cooler lines to the radiator. I had the lines itself replaced but that didn't fix it. Added some line clamps and I check the levels frequently. Am currently working the issue.

Asking price = $6500 which is just a bit more than what the blue book value is. I don't expect to get much from a dealer so checking this avenue out. Reasonable offers entertained too.

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