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Year, Make and Model: 2005 Outback XT
Color: Blue/Grey
Miles: 198,500 on body, 21,500 on engine
Transmission: 5 MT
Title: Clean
Lien: N/A
Location: Ridgefield, CT
VIN: 4S4BP67C756372068
Seller's email address: TylerCSampson
Asking Price: $6,500

I have owned this vehicle since June 2015 when I purchased is from the builder of this car. I have included his description of the car below because it is a better description of the vehicle than I can put together.
Before I purchased the car all the items under the “issues” section were fixed by the previous owner.
During I daily drove the car commuting for about two years and then I switched jobs and got a company car. I simply haven’t driven it much in the last year or so and would like to move on from it.
During my ownership I’ve continued to maintain the oil change schedule with Rotella and done the following:

New front brakes and rotors and hoses @ 192,645
New Cooper CS5 (225/55/17) Tires @ 192,645
New fuel pump just recently

The only issue currently is a scrape on the RR when making a right turn at low speed. It may be related to the e-brake shoes since the car sat for a little bit.

I will try to get some pictures up but it’s raining non-stop around here this week. Car looks generally the same as the pics in the original thread.

Post from RedRyan98 from 2015:

“A little background: June of last year I picked up the outback from a seller in Maryland who had the motor/turbo blow on him. The car had 176k miles at the time. I was looking for a project car that I could get together pretty quickly, get through winter, and than either keep or move on. I'm quite tempted by the new WRX and if I get a decent offer for the Outback and my MX-5 I'll be selling both to pick one up

The Build: : I picked up a brand new short block, gasket kit, oil cooler, oil pump, pan to start. Turbo was replaced by a gently used VF52 ~40k miles (ZERO shaft play). Heads were rebuilt by Eastwoods Machine Shop in Somers CT. There's a ton more I could list but it would take too long. I have an excel spreadsheet with over 60 lines listing all of the items installed I can send to an interested party. The highlights:
VF52 Tune by Mikey Botti, loaded on AP V3
Killer B pickup
Killer B Windage Tray
OE Clutch with Simgle Mass Flywheel Conversion and TSK3 Tranquil kit
ARP Studs
Group N Mounts
Mishi Radiator
Gates Timing Belt Kit/Aisin Water Pump
All Fluids
DW Fuel Pump
Kartboy crank pulley
New Drive Shaft
LGT Brakes up front
Transfer Case Bearings
KYB shocks all around and adjustable camber bearings for the rear

Interior: The interior is in great shape. Leather is nearly perfect. Previous owner put covers on the seats from day one and they stayed on until I got the car. There are a couple scrapes on the rear door panels, and a tear on the dash that I have covered with a removable cell phone mount. No time to get pics today, I'll do that soon

Exterior: Considering the miles, its in very nice shape. I'd say the car looks like it has 80k miles, not 180k. There is no body rust and the undercarriage is pretty clean. The only item out of the ordinary is a bunch of scratches on the rear wing.

Maintenance: Just about all maintenance items were replaced, including plugs, trans/dif fluid, Power steering fluid, Brake/Clutch fluid, Coolant, front wipers, and timing belt/pullies. Its had several oil change. Until 1,000 miles it received dino for break in. Rosella T6 and subaru filters since

Issues: A few.
Moonroof Frame is broken. Haven't picked up a new frame yet
One, or two wheel bearings need to be replaced. They're humming a bit over 50 mph. Drivers rear is SHOT. Starting with that one
Passenger seat motor is shot. Will need a new seat frame. Will try to track one down locally
Driver seat heater doesn't work. I have a replacement, just need to install (pretty easy!)
Some vibration over 70 mph. Assuming its the wheel balancing. Going to dealer 4/25 for wheel balance and alignment

*Price: I will be honest, I have $12,300 "invested" in this car. The car is very close to a "needs nothing" example. I'm going to ask $8,900 in "as is" condition, in hopes that the new owner would like to handle the issues listed above on their own. By my estimate he/she would be looking at only around $300 in parts not including the sunroof frame and seat heater which will be included. Keep in mind the Accessport will come with the car and its a $600 value by itself (if for some reason you'd like to pass on the AP and get the car tuned yourself we can decrease the selling price $500). There is some wiggle room in the price so shoot me some offers if interested.

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