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I am selling my 2014 Outback 3.6R and it is in perfect condition. This is a great vehicle, the only reason I am selling is I travel too much too use it these days, and I have another vehicle I tend to use more.

If you know this car, it is really hard to find this model in this condition on the used market here in the Northwest. I'd love for this car to find a great owner who appreciates what makes the 3.6R special.

Some basic details:
- 49K miles.
- I am the only owner, and its been dealer maintained
- 6 cylinder engine... lots of power! The Mileage is not as good as the baseline Outback though.
- tow package, though it has never towed. The hitch has only been used for a bike rack.
- Bike and Ski rack optionally available.
- no accidents. no maintenance issues of any sort
- leather interior. Very clean.
- Automatic and Manual mode with paddle shifters.
- Really fun and safe to drive, including down steep snowy roads.

Asking $22, 000.

The car is in Missoula, MT. I am open to delivering regionally.

Please call 540-239-3253 for more info!

I have ads on autotrader and facebook marketplace, however this website won't let add them. The autotrader listing ID is 491783103. The facebook marketplace item ID is 518846221879566.


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