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2015 Limited Outback fully loaded
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Hey guys, I bought a bunch of stuff from Dave (SVXdc) for my 2011 outback! It has the H/K 6 disc setup. THEN I found out a few things going in with my car and decided to return it to the dealer! So I have all of these fantastic parts for sale! :29:

Metra satin black( instead of painted) In-dash receiver kit $18 shipped

(3) SWC wires for 20-pin harness $5 shipped

(1) 24-pin h/k amp harness $12 shipped

(1) ASWC $50 shipped

(1) 20-pin harness (new version) with RCA's (Metra 70-7553) $17 shipped

(1) Sony Backup camera/led license plate light and harness $25 shipped

(1) Metra 40-SB10 Subaru 2005-Up Antenna Adapter $10 shipped

(1) Park brake override kit $14 shipped

TOTAL: $151 BUT:

OR buy everything for $120 shipped!

I can ship instantly, as it is all still packaged up!
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