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I'm posting my beloved Subaru Outback Wagon. The price is $3850 but I will entertain reasonable offers. I'm not in a hurry to sell it because I put a ton of money into it and frankly love this car. Just went to Mammoth with it this weekend and it returned 29mpg!

It is a 1998 with a clean title and 212k miles. I have in the last year treated the car to a complete maintenence freshening, and the car drives like a new car.

Here are the preventative maintenance items completed with receipts from professional repair facilities:
-Timing belt
-Water Pump
-Thermostat gasket
-Upper and lower radiator hoses
-Power steering resevoir
-4 new window regulators
-New cupholder
-New clutch
-Fairly new brakes
-New fuel filter
-New air filter
-New TPS
-New front and rear o2 sensor
-New Power steering pump and hose
-New Cam seals, front main seal
-New heater hoses
-New cam cover gaskets
-New Spark plugs
-New Spark plug wires
-New coil

Here is the condition of the vehicle:
-Exterior: 7/10 with some scratches and dings. No accidents and all orginal panels.
-Interior: 9.5/10 no rips/tears. Stereo works perfectly, dash in great shape. Gauge lighting and interior functions work perfectly
-Climate control: A/C and heat work great
-Interior electronics: Windows and power locks as well as keyless entry work perfectly. New wiper blades front and rear as well as winshield washers work and are flushed and filled
-Brakes 75% front 85% rear
-Tires: 65% all around
-Suspension: rides very smooth, springs are good, struts have miles on them
-Engine operation: 28-30MPG hwy (not an estimate, actual calculated), good power. Transmission shifts very smooth. New clutch, new axles, new trans and diff fluid. Smooth idle and passes smog.

I have receipts for everything. I replaced everything down to plastic clips for the dash because I wanted everythign to work perfectly and no less. Obviously, I planned to keep the car and I know I will not the money I put back into it out. However, for someone who wants a reliable Subaru with great mileage and a ton of money in fresh parts for the long haul, this is a killer deal!

Serious inquiries only. Located in the inland empire. F1ve thr33 oh S3v3n fore ate n1n3 zer0 fore won
email kaboomims at gee ma1l for information or offers.
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