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So, I bought these wheels for my 2017 Outback Limited last summer, wanting a better selection of tires (e.g., Yokohama Geolander AT). As soon as I had them mounted, I realized how terrible they looked on a "Wilderness Green" Outback. I thought I'd get used to them, but didn't. A couple months later, I swapped them out with the 17" OEM Subaru wheels. Then they sat in my garage, as I did not want to deal with the shipping. But now, they have to go.

Size is 17X8 ... lug pattern is whatever the lug pattern is for a 2017 Subaru Outback Limited. (5 x 114.3mm -- thanks 'RoughDiamond')

Originally, I paid $212/ea... selling the set for $550 (that's $137.50 each, but I'm not willing to sell them individually just yet).

As you can see by the attachments, they look OK on an Outback of just about any other color (note: web images used, except for the green outback example, that's the real wheels).

Local pickup is OK -- El Paso, Texas (technically Santa Teresa, NM 88008, but nobody knows where that is).

Buyer will pay for actual shipping (from 79912) using Shipnex

Sample rates (from El Paso, TX to):
Caribou, ME: 184
Miami, FL: 165
Seattle, WA: 146
Los Angeles, CA: 131
Phoenix, AZ: 120
Denver, CO: 120

Each (22" x 22" x 22") box fits 2 well-protected rims, and weighs 55 Lbs. Shipment will carry $500 insurance.

If you prefer FedEx Ground (Residential drop-off):
Caribou, ME: 230
Miami, FL: 207
Seattle: 179
Los Angeles: 151
Phoenix, AZ: 122
Denver, CO: 122


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Give it some time. If I hadn't just bought these (literally a week before you listed them) I would have bought.

Price is fair.

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Still available? I'm in Austin
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