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Harness manufacturer Scosche is the only company that makes a reverse radio harness for Subarus, but theirs has only 13 wires -- it's missing the Orange/White Dimmer wire (required for stock Subaru radios to light up properly). 'Forward' harnesses are easier to find, but they too sometimes don't have the 14th wire.

I've been custom making radio wiring harnesses in small batches, mainly for SVX owners. But I've started hearing from other Subaru owners who wanted harnesses to install LOCs or factory subwoofers. So I figured I should post a "For Sale" message here.

Reverse harness $14 -- Plugs into the Outback radio (as well as radios from all other 1993-up Subarus except the SVX). Use this to:
  • Install a factory subwoofer that didn't come with a complete factory T-harness (you'll need one reverse and one forward harness)
  • Add an LOC (Line Output Converter) for an after-market amp (again, you'll need to combine a reverse and a forward harness)
  • Install your factory radio in another car
  • Restore the factory radio plug in your car if it's been damaged or removed
This harness allows you to do those first three things without having to cut or splice the factory wires.

'Forward' harness $12 -- Mates with the radio plug in all 1993-up Subarus (except the SVX). These should be easier to find at local stores, but they don't always have the Dimmer wire. Use this to:
  • Install a factory subwoofer or LOC (same notes as above)
  • Install an after-market radio in your car
For shipping and payment options, and to place your order, please see this web page.

Please send your order or inquiries via E-MAIL.
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