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I have a Hidden Hitch Class 3 hitch with ball for sale. I bought it, mounted it myself for a move from Washington to Florida, and now I have no use for it. It is in perfect condition, has a little less than 4000 miles towing, and it works great.

In case you are planning a move, we drove our 2007 4 cyl Outback From Washington to Florida via Nevada (the long way) and the car did great. It struggled to stay above 70mph especially with a headwind, but came through without difficulty.

I would like $200 SHIPPED for the hitch with ball. This does not include the wiring (also a very self-mountable item that you can get for about $30) as I plan to keep that just in case)

Paypal is preferred. I might need a few days to get the hitch off of the car.


blazerski at hotmail dot com
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