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2001 LL Bean, 1997 2.5L 5spd
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Just took another carcass to the shredder, so I have an extensive collection of body parts and other goodies. Still have a handful from a couple of other cars, too. Below is a list of all the major parts I have, but I also have some trim pieces and whatnot, so just ask if you have a need. Prices do not include shipping, which usually adds $10-20 unless it's huge or heavy. Shipping body panels usually costs as much or more than the parts themselves, so I generally do pick-up only on those. Anyway, post here or PM if you're interested. I'm located in Arlington, VA.

Taillights: $30 each
Headlights (separate turn signal): $50 each
Front turn signals: $25 each
Heated driver's side view mirror: $40
Passenger side view mirror: $40
Grille (gray without chrome trim): $50
Driver's side front fender (navy blue or dark red): $50
Driver's side front door (dark red): $150
Driver's side rear door (navy blue or dark red): $100
Passenger side front door (dark red): $150
Passenger side rear door (dark red): $100
Rear hatch (dark green or dark red): $150
Rear bumper cover: $50
Hood (dark red): $100
Roof rack crossbars: $40 (pair)
Roof rack side rails: $40 (pair)
Air conditioning evaporator core (complete housing): $90
A/C expansion valve: $20
A/C compressor: $100
A/C high/low pressure lines: $20 apiece
A/C condenser: $40
Brand new A/C condenser and drier for a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback (will have to check fit): $75
Gauge cluster: $50
Aftermarket Pioneer CD player: $20
Retractable cargo cover: $50
Timing belt cover (complete set): $75
Intake manifold (complete with injectors and sensors): $100
Air intake from air filter to throttle body with MAF sensor: $50
Crankshaft pulley: $50
A/C accessory belt tensioner pulley and bracket: $25
Windshield wiper motor: $25
Rear wiper motor: $30

Large album of photos

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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