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07' Impreza Outback Sport
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Up for sale is my 2007 outback sport, I've owned it since 2016, it has a salvaged title but the accident that caused that had been 10+ years ago. Car has been functioning just fine. after i bought it (150k miles) i have done a lot of the suggested maintenance needed for high mileage car. Now it has 180k and im confident it has much life left. Fun car to drive!

  • new timing belt at 154k
  • new tires a couple years back. Still have good tread and all wear evenly - rotated regularly.
  • new performance break pads and rotors.
  • both head gaskets replaced around 170k with six star gasket kit. (Wasnt leaking before, wanted to change before any issues)
  • new water pump
  • new thermostat
  • new spark plugs
  • new spark plug wires & ignition coil
  • valves cleaned and replaced while doing gasket repairs
  • new radiator hoses top&bottom
  • AC charged. AC and Heat Work very well
  • ATF fluid changed regularly
  • no rust, West coast car!

Now as this car is from 07 there are some scuffs and imperfections. Will post photos of them below, Heres a list:
  • as i mentioned salvaged title.
  • front roof rack has a dent in it from over tightened strap (oops!)
  • rear driver side near tail light has a little dent/scratch from when i accidentally back into a small pole in my neighbors yard..
  • driver side inside door handle spring is not as springy as it used to be, works fine but occasionally needs to be pushed closed all the way.
  • trunk tray has cracked, I used wood to reinforce
  • paint job is starting to lose its shine in certain areas, nothing too terrible.

Happy to answer any questions, thanks for looking!
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