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1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon All Wheel Drive (Dark green in color)

Automatic, ~176K miles, power windows, power locks, AC blows cold and heat blows hot, cold weather package (engine block heater, heated seats, heated mirrors).

I am selling because our financial situation has vastly improved, replacing this with another Subaru (2005 Saab 9-2x).

The Good
Reliable, with a ton of cargo room.
Runs pretty good, always starts and idles well.
Transmission shifts fine, my mechanic said it shifts well, no complaints from him. AWD system works great (does not bind or hop on tight turns).
New front brake rotors and rear sway bar bushings (2013).
New timing belt, timing belt tensioners, idler pulleys, water pump, oil pump seals, AC & serp belt ($1000+ done fall, 2012).
New front axle, struts/springs, all 4 tires (Hankook Optimo H727), fuel filter, PCV valve, in winter 2011 (Firestone free Lifetime Alignment too).
Head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and radiator replaced in December, 2010 (previous owner).
In-depth service records from previous owners.
No check engine lights, just passed Rutherford County TN inspection in January.

The Bad
Small oil leak that requires topping up every tankful of gas or so. Oil does drip onto exhaust which will create a burning smell after parking or stopped at a long traffic light.
Drivers front caliper drags a little bit at low speeds.
Light sound (whirring sound) from right rear of vehicle at 35-40MPH. Been there since I bought it (2010), 2 mechanics have inspected it and neither were concerned with it. Has not gotten worse with time.
Body in rough shape (some bumps, scratches, cracks, peeling clear coat).
Interior in fair shape (a couple large stains in cargo area).
Exhaust rattles a bit, never bothered me.
Front windshield is cracked at the bottom (does not affect visibility).

KBB Good Value $3,962
KBB Fair Value $3,287

Title is free and clear, I can provide a CarFax to serious buyers. Because of oil leak and rough body shape, the price is $1900 firm.

Higher quality photos are located here:

Shoot me an email to discuss further: [email protected]

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