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Fuel injector seals/o-rings. Question

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Today I was replacing the valve cover gaskets on our 2008 2.5 Outback, the only way I could see to get the driver side cover off was to remove the fuel rail and injectors. Since the Haynes manual I had said nothing about this I wasn't planning on this and did not have new seals for the injectors. I went ahead and put the car back together but one of the injectors in leaking fuel. Do I just need to replace the seals and the oring on the injectors or am I doing something wrong? I ordered new seals but I just want to know if I need to do something else.

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For you and anyone else reading, you do not have to remove the injector rails to replace valve cover seals. The easiest way to change that cover is to jack that side of the engine up off the crossmember. This gives you room for the lower rear bolt removal and to lift the cover from the engine. You remove the engine mount nut from that side and raise the engine a few inches with a bottle jack or floor jack.

As for the injector seals, use WD-40 or a light coating of mineral oil on the seals before you insert the injectors into the rail and intake. Be sure the injectors seat all the way into the rails and intake before you tighten the bolts down. To test for leaks, turn the key on/off a couple times to reprime the rails with fuel and pressure. You'll more likely find a twisted seal at the leak site, or it may be cut. I hope you ordered the seals from Subaru or got Subaru seals. Aftermarket don't fit.
Thanks, wish I had known that before. I also searched on here for the procedure and watched some videos on youtube and didn't see anything about that method, only removing the fuel rail.

I have Oriley Auto Parts bringing some in as I don't have to pick them up or I can return them, but I will order some OEM also before I take it back apart. I tried to find the part numbers on several subaru parts websites and could not find them, I've sent an email to one asking for part numbers.
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