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2012 Outback Wagon & 2011 Legacy Sedan
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The past two times upon fill up of my Outback 3.6R wagon, my fuel range indicated 430 miles, which is just about right since new. I have <5K miles on the car.
But the weird thing is that when I drive 10 miles or so, my range drops by almost 100 miles. It never did that before. The tripometer also shows instead of the usual 25+mpg, it shows like 18.5mpg. I'm not sure what is happening for it to do this. There have been times on interstate where I have actually gained mpg b/c of steady highway driving.
I've noticed what I think is a very slight miss in the engine on inclines. I can feel it and it's very intermitent. Sometimes the 3.6 engine is smooth as butter and other times I feel that "miss". No check engine light on either.
Any ideas of what could be going on here?:confused:
I run Shell 87 octane gas.
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