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05 Gen 3 H6
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Hey guys, i have an '03 3gen 4 cyl ob which has a couple of issues atm, so i was hoping to get some views from the experts.

I clearly have a head gasket leak on the left side, but its incredibly slow, losing very little oil, so that will be fixed in the near future.

What im worried about, however, is my fuel consumption. The most I've ever seen on my trip meter is 400 but 350kms is the norm. I had my fuel injectors cleaned during my last service for almost no benefit. that's 350 from 64 litres :gasp:

Could the head gasket be contributing to my fuel problems? I think it must be a long term issue because I've had the car two years and its very consistent.

The transmission is working well and has recently been flushed.. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ;)

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