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So i currently run BFGoodrich TA KO2's in 225/65/17 on my 2012 outback 3.6R Limited (a bit overkill for my light off roading but i love them in the snow)

I was looking into grabbing a 5th one for peace of mind when im off roading and also rotating it in with the other 4 tires, my main question is what's the best way to deal with the tpms only having 4 spots for sensors, do i get a machine and just reset them when i rotate, or do i clone the one i rotate it to when i do?

Also had been verified by other people that it fits with no rubbing but i find my front right tire rubbing occasionally on some turns, i do run wheel spacers as well which may be the cause but i figured that would cause rubbing on both my front tires not just one. could it just be that i need to replace other parts of my suspension? (i know i'm in need of new front struts but am unsure if this would affect that and did have an alignment done when i put the tires on as i had to replace the front right control arm as well)

Just want some input maybe from some people who know a bit more than i do.
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