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I recently helped my brother buy a 2013 Subaru Legacy from Furgurson Subaru in Broken Arrow Ok. The sales man was a good person I just can't say the same for the sales manager and finace manager. The car my brother bought was a 2013 legacy 2.5 preminium with the cold weather package and option package #4. The car list was 248000.00 and he paid 23087.00

The Finace manager stuck a extended subaru waranity on the deal and did not disclose that he had done so and tried to hide it in the payment. I had done the math on the payment before we left the house.

They tried to charge 3500.00 for a subaru warranity. The got very rude when I told them that the math did not match and I told my brother to kick the warranity if not lets get up and leave. I think it was a slimy think to do trying to hide a warranity in the payment that we did not even ask for.
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