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'97 subaru outback(legacy) wagon
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have a '97 Outback Wagon. I have a few ideas that i think would be fun to tool around with but i am lacking in information.

1. Basically i want to "Americanize" my Outback.
My dream would be to raise it with about a 2-4 inch body lift with an additional 4-5 inch Suspension lift. Some High Profiled 33 inch tires. In the later future an air-intake through the cab and out the roof, but for now an intake hook-up for the hoodscoop(I've only seen the scoop i have and a bigger ones on WRX's or something). a sway bar. and maybe in the future swap the Flat 4, for a Flat 6 that came out in the new 2004 Subarus. I would really love to hook up a Chevy 350 small block.

Before you begin to bash me on my foolish dreams, please know, that i know how stupid this is. A chevy in a subaru... raising a foreign car 5-6 inches let alone RAISING a FOREIGN CAR. I am aware of the difficulty to find parts, for Subarus, that i need to do what i hopefully someday will achieve. Thats where the forum comes in.

I have searched over some sites but i cannot seem to find any of this(*Probably because the parts don't exist and this wont happen*- that is what you are thinking)

so mainly i am looking for

*A Two to Four inch Body lift for subarus
(i have checked out scorpion automotive and they only offer a 2 inch lift)

*Any Suspension sites/Stores that would help me in my search for a Suspension Kit/ materials .

*Rims and Tires are expensive but a little easier to find, i got that covered.

*A kit for a Subaru Hoodscoop fitted air intake.

*A sway bar or information about fabrication/the science behind sway bars.

*now the chevy engine would require a full strip of just about the entire car(accessories, new trany, the works) but has anyone ever heard of such a swap?

I am aware of my foolish ideas but i am just requesting any information/ knowledge that would someday help my Dream come true. Thanks to anyone that helps. Laugh away.

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Now hold, I say, Hold on there son...

I don't know of any aftermarket parts such as drivelines, steering links, control arms, etc., that would meet your needs. If you're thinking of going to Chevy V-8 power (which believe it or not has already surfaced in another thread) then you might be better off putting the OB shell on a Chevy frame.

And if you're serious about mud bogging, you might consider having the air intake on a stalk somewhere around the windshield, because you could get a wave of mud up over the hood.

But, I have to admit, what you're talking about sounds like fun! You must live in Danville *G*

(I am in Columbus)

- A

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I used to hang out at forums some and there are some folks over there who do pretty serious off road stuff with their soobs. Probably never make a great rock crawler but mud bogging is definetly in the realm of possibility - especially if you can find the 'Holy Grail' of offroad soob driving - the dual range tranny. Also, there is a lift kit and there is a coilover set that also will give you about 2 inches IIRC. There are also some Aussies making cool 'Bull bars' and skid plates and such.
Try some creative searching or post some questions at usmb (for the lift kit) and at nasioc for the coilovers that RAISE (not lower) the car. For serious offroad stuff - better to build a chevy or ford chassis and just put the soob body on it. There was a guy with a WRX or STi that had something like that in mind!

good luck on your 'quest'!

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You must have a lot of spare time on your hands...this sounds like a very time consuming (not to mention AMBITIOUS...and espensive) project!

Good luck!
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