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Gas leak at hose attachment

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The last couple days have been very cold (single digits) and a strong gas smell fills the cabin of my 2002 Outback wagon.

When I popped the hood, I found a gas leak from one of the hose sections.
I've included two pictures. One from far back to show the location of the leak highlighted in red. The close-up shows the portion where the leak takes place. It drips right where that little clamp with the phillips screw attaches.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

Auto part Pipe Exhaust manifold

I'm not mechanically inclined, but this looks to me like a pretty quick and simple repair. Looks like a 10 minute job with $5 worth of parts. Is it?

I'm trying to decide whether to take it in or not. I'm currently unemployed and just spent a lot of money on brakes and tires.

What does everyone think?

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My 2003 started the same thing yesterday. I tightened the clamp before I went to work this morning and it seems to be OK now. The clamp did seem to be loose.
known issue on older Imprezas and I THINK there's a TSB, possibly a recall for this.

ugh, not sure I recall details, crossover pipe?

maybe check
This thread should cover everything -

Tighten all the clamps and you should be fine.
Well, replacing the hose proved to be more involved than I first thought. Mine is the one under the metal shroud that others have mentioned. I did, however, tighten the screw on the one end that is exposed and so far no leak. I'll check again in the am.
Thanks for the responses and link to the other thread.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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