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2006 Outback 2.5i Limited 4AT EJ253 King Springs (raised) Falken Wildcat Trail 255/25/17
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I just paid $5 at the dealer for a replacement o-ring for the power steering suction (inlet) hose adapter. Ouch.
So I wanted to spread the wealth by sharing the measurements as I couldn't easily find this info yet on this site.

It is simply a silicone rubber "M2x13" o-ring.
Inside diameter is 13mm
Outside diameter is 17mm
So, 2mm thick
I measured twice at 90 degrees with the oring laying free, using a Starret 15cm tempered metal ruler, and my own near sightedness.

Online one can easily find this in silicone (orange-red color), or viton (black), or buna-n (black). Just search "M2x13 o-ring".
I'm not an expert on rubber compounding but silicone or viton are plenty good.

And instead of driving to the dealer and paying $4.99. You can have 25-100 of them for $10. Give em to your friends for xmas.

The associated part number is

and fits gen3's using the 34430AG03(A/B) oil pump. Mine has the plastic adapter, not the metal one.

I notice also there are other Subaru part numbers for other o-rings spec-d for the same application:
34439AE021 (superceding 34439AE020) These are shown adjacent to photos of the metal adapter.
I would suspect they're the same M2x13 size but it would be nice for someone to chime in if they know more.

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