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Gen 4 DIY Guides

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2010 - 2013 (Gen 4) DIY Guides

I thought it might be handy to have a compiled list of links to the various Gen 4 DIY guides, it just makes it easier to find stuff instead of searching or digging through the DYI forum manually.

It's obviously a work in progress but I hope other folks will find this useful and maybe we can get a sticky?

118db Hella Supertone Horns Install (w/SubiMods Relay Kit) - itzlinky
Hella Supertone Install - Peaty
Independent On/Off switch for Outback Puddle Lights - chaakin
HID Install instructions - DM3415
Foldable Side Mirror Kit - Retrofit for 2010 Legacy/OB - Peaty
Navigation System Tips, Tricks and Override - eps105
Perrin Axle Back Exhaust Install - Peaty (working link in 8th post)
Rear Sway Bar Install - problemchild200
OB rear hatch interior disassembly & Backup Camera Install - Dzd
Stainless Steel Clutch Line Install - Peaty (For WRX but should be similar for any manual Subie)
V1 w/ Remote display hard wire install MY 2010 - Peaty
taiguy's Car Stereo Install Log (Contains lots of trim and interior removal) - taiguy -iainb

Foglight Replacement on 2010 Outback - travis8798
Fog Lamp Replacement - Upgrade 2010 - Peaty
3.6R Oil change - the evil twin
Squeaky Tailgate - pairadux
Cabin Air Filter replacement - Peaty (working link in 3rd post)
Polish Fogged Headlights - bikemobile -taiguy

H6 Motor Cover Removal - Peaty (link currently broken)

UV Penetration of Factory Glass - Thai
Bluetooth Phone Compatibility -
User Manuals -

Updated 5/12/2011
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Great stuff! I have one dumb, newby question. How much oil does the 2.5 take on refill, filter and all? The book says 4.4 quarts, but is a little vague, and the 3.6 takes more that it says in the book.
If no one answers before next week, I will post the answer when I do my first OC. Thanks.

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...great sticky...saves pouring through the pages of stuff in the DYI thread...great idea!

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I noticed that post #1 is the one being updated and recalled that the ability to Edit a post in these forums is limited to one month. (I just checked my own posts and found the Edit button disappeared for posts prior to the 11th of March.) That would mean after May 8, new Gen 4 DIYs etc could not be added to the list in post #1. Perhaps a moderator or the Administrator can clarify and/or set it for you so that it can be.

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PM me next time, I'm rarely away from the site for more than 24 hours.

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