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Just got my 2011 Outback XT back from the dealer repair shop. I had it in a couple of weeks ago with complaint of noise from the front end when BOTH wheels came out of a bump (sounded like scrape).

The dealer said they could only "roughly" replicate it, but to them, it sounded like a "groan".

Anyway, they replaced both the link assemblies and the bushings, both on suspicion. After they did the work, I asked if they had seen any obvious damage, and they replied that neither the mechanic nor they had seen anything obvious.

However, when I next went over the same problematic bumps, the noise was completely resolved.

The reason for posting this, is that the dealer had made a remark on having done work on the sway bar on SEVERAL of the Gen4's that had been in their shop, and I wanted to make other users aware of this.
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