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We have them on a different vehicle but do have experience with them in pretty much every condition I can think of. They replaced Michelin Hydro-Edge.

In general they are among the best for quiet, comfy but predictable driving. They do not seem as good as the Hydroedge they replaced but that style tire that can't be rotated the same doesn't last as long and is not as quiet or soft on bumps.

One winter advantage is they're quieter than some tires on all the freeze cracks.

I'll be honest. I've also had dedicated winter tires. Those are what you do for ultimate winter performance. I've decided that you should otherwise choose a tire best for most of what you encounter. I can't fault the Defenders for the latter.

FYI: My Outback only has 3000 miles on it and I don't find the OEM Contis horrible as many say, and they seem to cut (dig, hold) in loose stuff and snow better than the Defenders.

Bottom line: Comfy and predictable come to mind more than anything else with the Defenders we have. They have 4.5 months of use and about 3000 miles on them now.
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