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Gen 4 with Michi Defenders performance on Snow and Ice?

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Can anyone with the Michi Defenders on their Gen 4 attest to their snow and ice performance this winter or last? I tried to get some information on a couple of tire discussion threads over a week ago, but got no hits there.

Trying to decide on the Michi Defenders and the Hankook H727.

Gotta be an all season due to the fact that most of the OBs duties are on hot dry asphalt. That said, the tires I want must best possible snow performance available in an all season compromise because I manage to find my way into a lot of big nasty slippery dumps and until I get the **** out of SoCal I can't justify a dedicated set of snow tires.
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2004 Outback Wagon, 2.5, 4EAT, All weather package.
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You're not finding a lot of information on the Defenders winter performance because this is the first winter they have existed. The Defender premiered in the spring of this year, in fact I remember Michelin was hyping up the new tire that was about to premier at the Detroit auto show quite a bit last year.
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