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Gen 6 2021 Firmware Version

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Hi all,

I know there is a software giga thread but it seems to be mainly US based. I've called my local dealer and the Subaru AU customer helpline but they have been less than useless. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a software upgrade in AU. My 2021 Outback is currently on the below which I think is the initial version.

Current: F17GHM042-380

Any help would be appreciated.
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Noticed a message flashed up on the screen at startup a few weeks ago that a software update was available. Using my phone as a hotspot, completed the update and it went from F17GHM042-380 to F17GHM122-370 and with Map version 42496.

My Outback is a 2021 Touring with a build date early 2021 and I'm wondering why other 2021 Touring owners are reporting that they have a different version number.
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