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Gen 6 2021 Firmware Version

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Hi all,

I know there is a software giga thread but it seems to be mainly US based. I've called my local dealer and the Subaru AU customer helpline but they have been less than useless. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a software upgrade in AU. My 2021 Outback is currently on the below which I think is the initial version.

Current: F17GHM042-380

Any help would be appreciated.
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Mine is doing a software upgrade as we speak. Came up as I got home and the car hooked onto my wifi.

new version for me:F17GHM122-570
Yep, just got it through this morning as well. Took about 30 mins all up
No noticeable changes, but I’ve read elsewhere that this is the update to bring everyone to the same level before rolling out the new GUI update.
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