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Gen 6 2021 Firmware Version

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Hi all,

I know there is a software giga thread but it seems to be mainly US based. I've called my local dealer and the Subaru AU customer helpline but they have been less than useless. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a software upgrade in AU. My 2021 Outback is currently on the below which I think is the initial version.

Current: F17GHM042-380

Any help would be appreciated.
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Two noticeable differences since doing the FOTA update.
1. FM radio no longer briefly cuts out every 20-30 seconds.
2. Eyesight flags more "Obstacle ahead" when approaching a bend.
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Is there a page you can download the files directly from subaru aus/nz? Maybe the new files are there?
Not that I've heard of. It seems to be a US only thingy.☹
I have just tried to update my EU Outback'21 with US version files, but the system is not able to do it, got msg - update unsuccessful ... my current version is F17GHM122-370
Thanks for confirming that US version files are NOT compatible with non-US vehicles. You're a brave person to try it!
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