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2003 Subaru Outback H6 Wagon
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Good morning Subarunauts,

my name is Oliver, I'm in the mid 40ies and from Austria (yes where Arnie is coming from...)
I've owned a punch of cars - AMC, Landrover, Citroen, Mitsubishi, VW, Renault... to make a short story long:

My first car was a 1978 VW 1200 beetle - a great car for a student - and some insane Vauxhaul-driver killed it -> then came my first Citroen CX. A crazy car, but a real misunderstood one.. then over the years an AMC Eagle 4x4, Mitsubishi L300 4x4, and a Landrover 109 MKII 1969 2.3L Diesel with fantastic 60hp.
After some years the cars became worst. It started with an 99 Audi A6 Station quattro 2.5 Diesel - good car to drive... when it was not at the mechanic's shop...
My most idiotic car was a 2005 VW Touareg V6 TDI AT - Because of this car I started to believe, that I don't understand anything about cars.....o_O

In 2016 I came to Subaru because of my complete restoration of an Vanagon syncro, which is a never ending story...
Actually I never wanted a japanese car again. Mitsubishi's spare parts had been so expensive here in Europe. Still it was a good car for travelling. After I sold the Frankenstein-VW I choosed a 1999 Subaru Legacy GX 2.5L AT with air suspension and 125k miles on it. It was risky, because 2 month later we wanted to make a holiday trip to Croatia with a car I didn't know at all.

The final decision came up, during investigations about these cars in several forums. It was interesting to read, that most of the problems could be solved easily. For example cleaning the breathing tower on a Audi V6 TDI - comparing to change a PCV on a fun at all.

So the first trip with this car was so much fun. We also went slightly offroad with wrong tyres and the car newer let us down:

In 2017 we went fully loaded to Greece and back.

Well, after this trip private life became complicated. My father was very old and he lived in our house. We did home care as far as possible and it was getting worst for him. He was a fighter, my father and my best friend...
During that time also the Subie got older and became more and more problems (most rust), which would have been able to repair, but I had no time and the list was getting longer and longer. Further on it was not very easy for my father to get in and out of the car.... So I decided to sell the car. Fortunately the pre owner bought it back under the restriction to repair it and keep it living...(he was a car dealer and had a mechanic shop). I had my first tear by selling a car...

So life went on and I got a new job, my father lost the fight, our dog got cancer... During that time a Subaru Outback H6 2003 crossed my way last year. It was quite cheap with some major issues: The rotor shaft was ringing like ****, rusty exhaust from a 2.5, some manageable rust underneath and a broken side mirror. But the engine and the 4AT were running smooth. The state was original and clean, so I bought it....

In the meantime rotor shaft, exhaust, mirror and radio are repaired/changed. Next steps to do: suspension and some bushings, valve cover caskets and more rust treathment. There are some more things to do, but they are low priority...

Sorry for stealing your time.... for now we have plenty of it. In Austria the "Heineken"-Virus is more and more under control, therefore stay healthy and the best luck for everyone - specially, who has older parents, relatives, friends or has to work in hospitals, public services...

Cheers Oliver

p.s.: sorry for my german english...;)
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