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[Gen4] Rear backup light not lit on left side

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Hi all,

The left (driver's) side backup light is not illuminating. When I push and wiggle the bulb itself, it illuminates. If I pound on the rear trunk lid it'll light up until what I believe is road vibration, in which case it's no longer lighting.

I tried putting some bulb grease on the bottom with no effect. It seems as though it's not "wedging" down far enough to actually "lock" into the socket?

I googled the issue before I posted. Many posted it's a wiring issue. I gently pulled on the wiring leading to the bulb and it was all intact.

Any other suggestions? My next step is to try a new bulb, but looking at the bulb shows no problems with the tungsten. Is there a way to make the plastic "housing" the bulb is inserted into (little gray piece) a little more snug? Lots of grease?

Thanks. Will take pics/video if needed.

Still working today. Interesting.
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You will either have to get a good bulb to seat correctly and make good contact to solve your issue, or cut out the old socket and install a used (from a wrecking yard) or new one with solder and shrink tubing. There will be no other solution, assuming the wiring is in good repair..
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