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Geolander AT/S Question

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The stock tire on a 2011 OB is 225/60/17, would a 225/65/17 fit without any rub issues? It would just be 1/2" taller tire correct? I'm interested in swapping out the stock conti's at the end of the summer and the Yokohama Geolander AT/S tires look very nice. I've read a great deal about them from all the tire threads on this board. Also was looking at the General Grabber tires but they don't come in the stock size, anyone know what is the best size that fits without issues?
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Section Width and Diameter may cause you grief. If Subaru's are wheel well tight best to stay with stock dimensions. I have the Geolander's AT/S on my truck and so far so good. Might be a little noisy for a car though unless you do a lot of off road.
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