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Geolander AT/S Question

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The stock tire on a 2011 OB is 225/60/17, would a 225/65/17 fit without any rub issues? It would just be 1/2" taller tire correct? I'm interested in swapping out the stock conti's at the end of the summer and the Yokohama Geolander AT/S tires look very nice. I've read a great deal about them from all the tire threads on this board. Also was looking at the General Grabber tires but they don't come in the stock size, anyone know what is the best size that fits without issues?
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Search Around, I can't remember where, but I'm pretty sure I have seen '10 and '11 owners who are running those tires without issue. Logically, the tire will be about 1" larger in diameter, so requiring about an additional .5" of clearance. Unfortunately TireRack has no manufacturer's spec listed for the stock tire's height, but the section width is only .1" narrower than the Yokohama, so I would doubt that would be an issue.
Try this thred for discussion:

I would stick with the 215-60-17's. I have some on my 2011 3.6R Outback. They run great, quiet enough on highway for everyday driving, great extra grip in mud and snow. Mine rub in the wheel well when steering wheel is fully cranked over, but just off the limit and there are no rub issues.
Okay, I stumbled across the thread I was thinking of, and they were using 225/60-17 Geolandar A/T-S tires..

I think the 215/60-17 is going to be a bit small on the '10/'11 body style myself....

Since the A/T-S is available in the stock size, my recommendation would be to stay with it, but that's just my opinion. I am also not a fan of the fact that the 225/65-16 does not carry any UTQG ratings, so no tread wear, traction or temperature ratings listed for this tire.

Don't forget that there can be signifigant differences in construction, rubber compounds and even tread patters between different sizes in the same tire model, so personally I'd stick with a tire that carries a UTQG..
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