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Hello to all new member/users and any of the old farts still hanging around :D I am Kevin Miller aka "Mylläri" Administrator and Founder of In case you are not familiar with this site yet, I have made this forum and thread to help you make the best of your time here :)

First and foremost, to promote continuity and for your own ease in obtaining information, please make sure to use the SEARCH function to its best ability. Consider that any question you may ask has more than likely been asked before and instead of re-asking it please search for keywords and you may find your answer quicker than you would if you were to start an entire new thread and then have to wait for someone to answer ;) BTW, I'm kinda long winded :D

Also here are some general website resource you may indeed find very useful and mind you we here continuously update these sources of info on a regular basis:

General Forum Rules

Username Change Requests

Outback and General Subaru Resources

Here are some commonly used acronyms and terms that you'll see quite often here:

OB: Outback
OBS: Outback Sport
OBXT: Outback XT
LTD: Limited (model)
SUS: Outback Sedan / "Sport Utility Sedan"
Beaner: LL Bean Edition Outback
Hero Wagon: Mylläri's 2003 Outback H6-3.0 Wagon
Red October: Mylläri's Dreamy Garnet Red OBXT :D

In our continuous efforts to promote the site and make it better everyday, we highly encourage feedback from our members. If you have any good ideas or any problems with the site or any of the members; feel free to address me or any of my cadre of moderators and we shall handle and solve whatever issue you may have.

We all do our best to generate good conversations and whatnot, we try to keep everything on a friendly basis. From time to time there will be a heated discussion on whatever it may be, I only ask everyone (including myself) to keep a level head and try to focus on the positives of the subject. A warning to members though, I myself am very opinionated and have my own way of speaking and viewing things. Please forgive me if I ever seem to come off harsh or unruly :cool:

Anyway, please do your best to enjoy your time here and just have fun. Learn all that you can because tomorrow we'll bring just that much more! Now I'm off on my Sorrel to ravage and conquer the land!
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