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Hey all,

Have an '01 Outback Limited with SOHC 2.5L. Bought the car in October, and the day after I bought it went back to the seller for HG replace. Got it back a week later and still was not happy with it as the upper and possibly? lower hose was swelled as if there was excessive air in the system. After bickering with the seller and getting nowhere decided to do the HG again myself.

Pulled both heads off and found the block was not clean in the slightest. Had one pass of a wizz wheel and that was it. Both heads were machined. Shop took .005" off as I spoke with the owner to confirm. Tore the heads off, bought genuine subaru latest revision HG's, new OE head bolts and torqued everything to proper specs (all 8 steps with digital angle wrench). Started everything up, sounded great but still had excessive pressure in both hoses when hot at idle. Put the pressure tester on the rad, got 3-5 psi max before the fans would come on and drop it again to zero. Put the hydrocarbon probe to the rad cap and found nothing at idle and 2500 rpm. Have bled the cooling system multiple times with the front wheels 6 or so inches off the ground with a fill funnel. Have constant heat in the cabin but I notice a very slight amount of air bubbles. So small you could almost miss them.

As far as I know waterpump is a Gates pump along with the T-Belt. T-Stat has not been done as far as I know but can confirm it is opening. Thought the rad might be clogged so replaced that as well. Still no change. Has anyone run into this problem before or something similar? Any help would be appreciated.
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