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going from 01' ouback to 05'

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i bought a 2001 outback about 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it since...ive put 42,xxx miles on it and already did the HG once and i think i need to do them again....are the 2005 outbacks more reliable then the older ones? I love my suby no other car fits my life style! any information would be appreciated!
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Both are equivalent. Regardless of the facelift they are still very similar platforms and similarities between engine and trans. 2005's have headgasket issues too, they are more annoying in some ways as there is no way to mitigate them like the 00-04 models, but that's not well known expect by the experienced Subaru people anyway. The 2000 - 2004 platforms are actually very good, I like them and they are easy to maintain.

Any Subaru (except early 90's Justy's) are easily capable of 200,000 miles if properly maintained. Of course, as with any manufacturer, there are bad experiences. No manufacturer is exempt from that. The only compelling issue Subaru's have is the EJ25 headgasket issue. Outside of that they are great platforms for inexpensive high mileages.

But that is completely dependent on the owner, maintenance, prior history, and mechanic.
Much is dependent on choosing a used vehicle wisely, prior maintenance, and proper diagnosis/repair of a given issue.

Using a forum like this will help you. The headgasket should be replaced with the Subaru Turbo EJ25 headgasket.
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