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Got my factory ordered 2013 3.6R limited twilight blue metallic outback today with just 3 miles on the odometer. It's a limited base model without moonroof, navigation and camera. The installed options were:
<dl class="summary_details_list" data-bind="template: { name: 'selectedAccessoriesSummary-template', foreach: selectedAccessories, afterRender: function() { summary_accessories_scrollbar(); $('#summary_details_right').tinyscrollbar_update('relative'); } }">Body Side Moldings
Rear Bumper Corner Moldings
Rear Bumper Cover
Splash Guards
Wheel Arch Molding Kit
Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass
Cargo Net - Rear
Cargo Net - Rear Seat Back
Cargo Net - Rear Side Compartment
Dog Guard/Compartment Separator
All-Weather Floor Mats
</dl>All protective film was on the body per my request. I checked alignment of the doors and the rear tail gate. All gaps were equally sized and all surfaces were properly aligned. I drove the car about 32 highway and street miles at different speeds to the shop to install 3M ClearBra film while everything is still pristine and clean. Highest speed was 80 mph, lowest 25-30 mph.
First impressions: Surprisingly firm and responsive ride in comparison with previously tested mushy 2012 OB, almost like an average sport sedan. Cornering without braking was quite good without noticeable body lean or roll. I could not detect any over or under steer in this vehicle. I give it partially to the absence of the moonroof, which adds some extra pounds to the highest point of the vehicle. Steering was a bit heavier than I expected but nonetheless quite precise and responsive. On a highway, in a speed range between 50 and 80 mph it was very stable without any shaking or side to side line wandering. Few times I let go of the steering wheel and the car continued to travel in the straight line. The highway ride is quite firm with a little noise getting in but nothing really distracting. I did not notice any creaks, pops or other parasitic vibrations that others complained in their posts about. The head rests felt quite unusual to me but nothing really to complain about. Driver seat is very comfy as well. The ride to the 3M installer shop was quite short, about an hour, to make any final conclusions about this new car. However, my first impressions are very positive. I'm glad now that I have waited for 2013 model with an improved suspension, steering and ride in general.
Patience is a virtue :29:
Time to take it to the mud-hop :>
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